Scholar Profiles: Brooke Sheffer

I am so proud of Heritage Academy Laveen’s hard-working inaugural class of journalism scholars!

In August, 28 scholars joined me to learn beginning journalism. It was a complicated time to start this new class. All of us were working online because of the high rate of COVID-19. Few of the scholars were used to reading news publications let alone writing news articles. And many scholars in the class were starting their very first semester at HAL — knowing whom to call for interviews was not at all intuitive.

As we begin the second semester of the class, I am excited to share a few examples of my scholars’ work. The assignment was simply to interview another HAL scholar and then write about it. The interview subject did not have to be with a football star or a class president. I told them I just wanted to read about interesting scholars doing interesting things.

I think they did a great job. I hope you enjoy this sample of their work.

Cathy Creno, Journalism and Yearbook teacher  

Brooke Sheffer: Dancing for the Love of Dance  

By Elizabeth Acosta

Brooke Sheffer, 16, is a  Heritage Academy Laveen junior who loves to dance.

She started dancing in her second semester at HAL, during seventh grade. But as much as she loves dance, she does not view movement to music as a competitive sport. She views it as a stress reliever and a creative outlet, especially when she has a lot of studying to do. Dancing helps Brooke get her stress out, subsequently she gets better grades in her other classes. 

Brooke is not the only one in the Sheffer family who has fallen in love with dancing. Her eldest sister Elizabeth, a high school teacher, is a competitive ballroom dancer and has taught Brooke a few things that have been helpful. According to Brooke, Elizabeth is always trying to persuade her to see dancing as a career opportunity, but Brooke is not so sure.

Brooke says does not want to lose dancing as a creative outlet. 

Still, the temptation to investigate going pro is there, especially when she receives compliments from other HAL dance students. One year, after she performed a solo, she was told  by a fellow student that her facial expressions were so perfect that she looked and moved like a real Disney character.

No matter how Brooke chooses to use dance, she is a winner in our eyes.  If you know of any scholars who should be featured, please contact Ms. Creno at

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