Scholar Profiles: Ogden Nash

I am so proud of Heritage Academy Laveen’s hard-working inaugural class of journalism scholars!

In August, 28 scholars joined me to learn beginning journalism. It was a complicated time to start this new class. All of us were working online because of the high rate of COVID-19. Few of the scholars were used to reading news publications let alone writing news articles. And many scholars in the class were starting their very first semester at HAL — knowing whom to call for interviews was not at all intuitive.

As we begin the second semester of the class, I am excited to share a few examples of my scholars’ work. The assignment was simply to interview another HAL scholar and then write about it. The interview subject did not have to be with a football star or a class president. I told them I just wanted to read about interesting scholars doing interesting things.

I think they did a great job. I hope you enjoy this sample of their work.

Cathy Creno, Journalism and Yearbook teacher  

Ogden Nash: Budding Actor and Comic 

By Dallas Draper and Soraka Beauchamp

Leaders come in many different shapes, sizes, ages. Some help out in schools or parks, others help in healthcare. Leaders are everywhere–but there also aren’t many of them.

Heritage Academy Laveen ninth grader Ogden Nash is a new school leader who was named for the well-known American poet. But he plans to make his mark in his own way–in the world of the stage and musical theater.

This quarter, Ogden has the leading role in HAL’s production of James and the Giant Peach (March 6-7).

“I was very excited to get it because this was my first major role in a play,” Ogden said this week.  “I was very excited, but also a little nervous because the lead role comes with the most lines.

He also enjoys performing comedy and improv sketches informally. 

His dream is to eventually become “an actor, voice actor or puppeteer.” For now, Ogden is developing his craft at HAL. 

Ogden says HAL is a great place to build relationships and develop social skills.

“I think school benefits us socially because of all the friends and all the people we [have] to talk to to make friends,” he said. “With all these different people interacting…it’s a really cool and interesting experience.”

Although Odgen, as a freshman, does not hold any official school leadership posts yet, his lead in the school play is evidence of what he might be up to in the future.

“I think it’s easy to lead because I’m a nice person with a motivational energy,” he said.

 “I (know how to) include everyone without taking over completely.”

We love having Ogden as a scholar at Heritage Academy Laveen.  If you know of any scholars who should be featured, please contact Ms. Creno at

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